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Beginner’s Guide: How to Learn Website Designing Online

Good web design services are essential to make sure your online presence is appealing and inviting in order to be able to attract the needed traffic on your website. However, as amateurs, it is also vital to look into how web design services work.
Since the importance of good web designing services has already been acknowledged, one can look into how the goal can be accomplished.

1. First, you should know about what is web design?

Many young designers often misunderstand the concept of web design, web design is about design, not about coding and front-end development. Of course, it would be great if you know some coding language (HTML, CSS, Java), but you can’t get yourself deep into front-end development, that’s not the core of web design. Web design is to solve the communication problems between users and web page information.

2. web design skills young designer should master

  1. Master the basic rules of visual design                                                                                                      
  2. To learn the layout design                                                                                                                             
  3. To learn the color principles                                                                                                                          
  4. To master the basic knowledge of interaction design                                                                               
  5. Have to master the PS and other web UI mockup tool                                                                           
  6. Understand the basic coding language(HTML, CSS)                                                                              
  7. Familiar with the company product and the user group                                                                        
  8. At least, master one of the front-end coding edit software, I would like to recommend the Dreamweaver                                                                                                                                                   
  9. Know about the SEO

3. Five elements of web design

1. layout
2. color
3. Graphic 
4. Font
5. Content

4. Pick a web design tool

The truth is that the barrier to entry for web designers has never been easier. The web design process has been dramatically streamlined with the rise of drag-and-drop website builders.
At this point there are literally dozens of website builders available to you.

For the purpose of simplicity, we’re going to limit our options to the 8 most commonly used website builders.
Keep in mind that nearly all of these website builders have a free trial version. So try them all out and figure out which one makes the most sense for you.


WordPress is one of the most popular and most used website builders across the globe. Its endless

features and ease of use make it one of the best CMS or website builder.

WordPress website advantages:

Easy to use:

The most attractive feature of using WordPress is it is very easy to use. Even a person with no  knowledge of programming and coding anyone can design and develop creative websites.

Responsive Design:

Responsive web design is very important as most of the user’s access website using mobile devices. 

SEO(Search Engine Optimized)

SEO service is one of the most important and crucial factors when it comes to rank a website in Google. WordPress website allows an SEO friendly website by enabling inbuilt SEO features which helps website to boost rank in Google SERP.


Wix is another very easy to use platform which enables designing creative websites very quick with ZERO COST. Wix offers free of cost website but only if you are using its own domain i.e. and also offers limited functionalities. To avail the full use of wix it has premium plans

Advantage of using wix website:


Wix has many inbuilt templates, you can choose from a number of templates and customize it as well.


Wix offers great security to the website, it makes sure that the speed of the website is good i.e. website

loads faster along with providing security so as to protect from attackers.

Customer Support:

The customer support at wix is very helpful and hence guide where ever you need and stuck. If there is

any problem pursuing the website then they try to find out the fault and also to fix it as soon as

possible so as to make website running and properly working.

5. Choose a web design niche

The web design industry is ultra-competitive. It’s gonna be very difficult for you to stand out from the pack and carve your own piece of the pie.

When it comes to web design niches, there are basically two categories:

  1. Character niches
  2. Industry niches

Character Web Design Niches

  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Premium
  • Lightweight
  • Mobile
  • Responsive
  • Simple
  • Complex
  • Minimalist
  • Animated
  • 3D
  • VR

Industry Web Design Niches

  • Restaurants
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Gyms
  • Landscapers
  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Surfers
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Startups
  • Schools
  • Accountants
  • Cleaners                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Niching down will help you target ultra-specific audiences and rank higher for less competitive keywords.

Remember, it doesn’t mean you have to build websites for only this one type of client for the rest of your life. Niching down is just a great way to get your foot in the door and build a solid foundation from which to springboard to your next niche in the future.

6. Practice

One of the simplest ways to get in some good practice, and possibly even make a few bucks, is to use Google Maps to find website clients.

  1. Get on Google Maps and pull up your neighborhood. Then find all of the restaurants, dental offices, retail stores, nail salons, and barbershops and check out their profiles.
  2. In it, you will find a link to their website. (Or you won’t find a link at all, which is even better. That means they don’t even have a website!)
  3. If their site is garbage, pull as much of the content from it as you can, then rebuild it for them. No, I’m not kidding.
  4. Then, once you’re done, email them with a link to their brand-spanking-new website, and ask for their feedback.
  5. If they love it, sell it to them.

7. Sell yourself as an expert of that tool/niche

This is the part most of you are gonna hate the most. I know I do.


It’s one thing to have the web design skills and expertise, but being able to convince others that you have them is an entirely different challenge.

I know so many skilled and experienced web designers that are struggling to find work.

Usually, it’s because they haven’t spent enough time crafting their brand’s story.


Learn from online courses

Here, are some sources that can help you learn web designing from home:-)


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